Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Review: Presonus Firepod

One of the goals here at Pro Audio News and Reviews is to shine a spotlight on professional recording equipment having a special or extra feature that makes the gear an over-the-top 'must have'. Today I want to give my highest praise to Presonus and their line of firewire recording interfaces. There are plenty of firewire recording interfaces on the market, but what makes the Presonus Firepod a winner, is the fact that Presonus released data sheets and actual product to Linux developers to write firewire drivers. It only takes a few clicks on the net to find yourself at, where you can download the custom Debian based ISO (Linux operating system OS). Once downloaded and installed on your PC, the Presonus Firepod works out of the box when plugged into the firewire port on you computer. This is significant for those who are budget minded enthusiasts. The Firepod selling at places like Zzounds (see link at the right) for under 400.00, easily allows users to have a complete and affordable recording environment.
Excellent Linux driver work thanks to Pieter and his crew at Great Linux multimedia distribution thanks to the guys at
Wonderful pro audio DAW thanks to Paul Davis and the team at


Calvin said...

I am looking for some one that operate two Presonus Firepods.
My son is having problems trying to get his to work. Please email me if you can help my son, My email address is Thank you

Tom H said...

In order to get 2 Presonus FP-10 or Firepods to work, you first need to put in each driver for the firepods seperately. Then go onto the presonus web page, under presonus find downloads. There will be a seperate program/driver update for multiple PF-10s. It works. That's how I got mine to work in in Windows XP home. It is interesting to note that if you buy a new Mac G5 like I did, all I had to do was plug the FP-10s together then plug them into the computer and the computer already has all of the drivers in Panther.

Good Luck. If all else fails call Presonus. They are a bunch of good guys and they will walk you through the setup. Tom Hartkop, Hartkop Productions