Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sneak Peek - Trinity DAW

Sneak Peek - Trinity DAW in a brushed aluminum case.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ardour on Trinity DAW - Ardourino

Ardour on Trinity DAW - Ardourino a special version of Ardour for small screens.

Trinity Audio Group Inc. releases photo of Ardour running on the Trinity hand held device. Ardourino is shown supporting 3 stereo tracks of .wav files utilizing crossfades and pencil drawn audio levels.

Audio tracks are two Kraftwerk remixes (produced entirely on the device) mixed with Outkast's "Speaker Box" album intro....funky? or crazy?

Special thanks to Paul Davis and the Ardour Team as well as Daniel and Free over at

Photo provided by Trinity Audio Group Inc.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Opinion: Joystiq Party

Write up - Joystiq Party....

Rarely will I write about a party but the Joystiq party (which was still crackin' at the time of this writing) definitely deserves a mention here. There were many things to like about this party, free t-shirt (actually a really nice shirt from Dov over at American Apparel), free beer, free pizza, free hot wings, but my favorite thing was the ease in which anyone could play the Wii games as advertised. Nothing is worse (especially in LA, where it's the 'all about me society') than having the same 5 people playing over and over again, not sharing, just like trying to change lanes on the 405. Did I mention it was fun? Just to give you an idea of how fun, I broke my one hour only per party rule and stayed until 7:30, roughly an hour and a half.

Pros: As advertised, free everything, cool spot.
Cons: Not enough Joystiq parties in the world.

Ronald Stewart

Review: Hydrogen Drum Machine

What can I say but that I have not been this excited to make beats sine 1990 when I scored a Roland R-8 drum machine with the 3 card port. After spending 10 straight hours yesterday using Hydrogen-drums from hydrogen-music I can officially say WOW!
What is so impressive about Hydrogen is it's ease of use for even a seasoned drum machine veteran. Now at first glance I didn't really see the greatness of the product, but once I sat down a few days ago, I began to see the tremendous power, thought and utility of the software. Hydrogen kinda reminds me of my old Alesis SR-16 drum machine, a little droid that can deliver the goods. Once deep into the GUI I was able to pull off Daft Punk type low pass filter tweaks while going wild with Steve Harris' LADSPA plug-ins. Additional features like constant CPU load GUI meter and JACK transport on and off button makes Hydrogen-Drums my favorite and last drum machine. Sweet drum banks like classic 808, 909, 707 (you need 707 for the perfect hand clap) and many others left me doing something I have never done...(not looking around for another drum machine to get the perfect sound) and oh yeah one more thing it's FREE!

Hydrogen Drums gets my absolute highest praise!

Ronald Stewart
Creative Director

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Review: Presonus Firepod

One of the goals here at Pro Audio News and Reviews is to shine a spotlight on professional recording equipment having a special or extra feature that makes the gear an over-the-top 'must have'. Today I want to give my highest praise to Presonus and their line of firewire recording interfaces. There are plenty of firewire recording interfaces on the market, but what makes the Presonus Firepod a winner, is the fact that Presonus released data sheets and actual product to Linux developers to write firewire drivers. It only takes a few clicks on the net to find yourself at, where you can download the custom Debian based ISO (Linux operating system OS). Once downloaded and installed on your PC, the Presonus Firepod works out of the box when plugged into the firewire port on you computer. This is significant for those who are budget minded enthusiasts. The Firepod selling at places like Zzounds (see link at the right) for under 400.00, easily allows users to have a complete and affordable recording environment.
Excellent Linux driver work thanks to Pieter and his crew at Great Linux multimedia distribution thanks to the guys at
Wonderful pro audio DAW thanks to Paul Davis and the team at

Friday, July 6, 2007

Trinity Audio Group Releases New Picture of Trinity

Start-up Trinity Audio Group shares a picture of Trinity with new production screen.
Looks like Hydrogen drum machine running on the device.